Jessica Zdinak

Chief Research Officer
Applied Research and Analysis Company

Jessica Zdinak builds trusted partnerships by providing a unique perspective of behavioral science research principles as it relates to complex business dimensions supporting rigorous, scientific objectives.

An Eastern Shore Virginia native, Zdinak received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Christopher Newport University followed by an M.S. & Ph.D. in Quantitative Experimental Psychology from Oklahoma State University. While attending OSU, she was awarded the Women's Research Award due to demonstration of exemplary abilities and research contributions.

Jessica served as Social Scientist at the National Institutes of Health followed by Director of Applied Research and Evaluation at a consulting firm. Research Program Evaluation responsibilities led to the design of a one-of-a-kind U.S. e-learning curriculum that trained 7,000+ healthcare professionals on the Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence Prevention and Response. She dedicated 5 years within the Federal Government sector leading research evaluation teams with a focus on CDC, NIH, NSF ,FDA, and other large-scale grants and projects.

Following public health, Zdinak spent 6-years at Altria where she was one of three researchers to develop the Perception & Behavior Program. She served as Lead Principal Scientist for the first-ever Perceptions & Behavioral Intentions Study which led to the development and validation of the Intentions to Use Scale, published in a leading scientific journal. She is highly-proficient with ITP, PMTA, MRTPA, as well as, product innovation and future tobacco harm reduction opportunities.

Award-winning publisher of foundational research and recognized for her unique research contributions, Zdinak travels worldwide as a keynote speaker to various U.S. and international conferences and forums.

In 2015, Dr. Zdinak launched Applied Research and Analysis Company LLC as Owner and Chief Research Officer. Headquartered in Richmond,Virginia and available for travel worldwide, teams of psychologists, statisticians, and behavioral scientists offer tailored services of unbiased integrity and exceptional client experience for government, education, business, and the nicotine and tobacco harm reduction industry.

Seoul, September 2023