Fiona Patten

Reason Party Leader and Former Member of the Legislative Council of Victoria

Fiona Patten was a member of the Victorian Parliament from 2014 to 2022. She campaigned on harm reduction policies for 30 years and ran the Australian adult industry association (Eros) for 20 years. She initiated and delivered reforms, including voluntary assisted dying, abortion law reform, the decriminalization of sex work, and drug law reform. 

Since leaving Parliament, Patten has continued to work on social reform issues, including medicinal cannabis, drug harm reduction, including for tobacco, criminal justice reform, and greater separation of church and state.

Patten is passionate about tobacco harm reduction and constantly disappointed with her own country’s approach to it.

In 2018, she published her autobiography, Sex, Drugs, and the Electoral Roll. She is the owner of a registered wildlife sanctuary.

Seoul, September 2023