Delon Human

Health Diplomats

Delon Human is the president of Health Diplomats, a global health consulting group specializing in strategy, access to healthcare and harm reduction.

Previously, Human served as the secretary-general and CEO of the World Medical Association, secretary-general of the International Food and Beverage Alliance, secretary-general of the African Medical Association, secretary-general of the African Harm Reduction Alliance and adviser to the World Health Organization director-general and the U.N. secretary-general.

Human is a published author, international lecturer and healthcare consultant. Human has become a vocal advocate for a change in public health thinking from the abstinence-only approach to a more pragmatic and expanded use of smoke-free nicotine-delivery systems as a substitute or cessation tool for smoking. He authored the book Wise Nicotine.

Human holds qualifications in medicine, child health and business studies.

Seoul, September 2023