Dave Dobbins

Former Chief Operating Officer
American Legacy Foundation/The Truth Initiative

Dave Dobbins joined the American Legacy Foundation as an in-house attorney helping defend it against a lawsuit by Lorillard Tobacco Company seeking to stop the Truth youth anti- smoking campaign. In 2007, he was promoted to chief operating officer of the organization, a role he retained when the organization changed its name to Truth Initiative in 2015.

In that role, he was involved in all aspects of the organization but, in particular, was an organizational lead on its approach to tobacco control policy. Having been involved with tobacco policy for over 20 years, he has seen tremendous evolution of the tobacco control landscape, including the current internecine conflict consuming tobacco control over the introduction of new, safer nicotine-delivery systems.

As a person who formerly worked for an organization with a primary focus on youth, Dobbins hopes to bring a unique and hopefully moderating perspective to that ongoing debate.

Seoul, September 2023