Carolyn Beaumont

General Practitioner, Educator and Founder
SmokerHealth Telehealth and MedicalNicotine scripts

Carolyn Beaumont is an Australian general practitioner and tobacco harm reduction educator and founder of two medical businesses.

She is a staunch advocate for the rights of adult smokers toaccess nicotine in the safest way possible. She has helped thousands ofAustralian ex-smokers remain smoke-free via her online business, MedicalNicotine, which provides adult vapers with their nicotine prescriptions required by law in Australia. This service began in 2020, as she developed more awareness and understanding of the plight of chronic smokers—those who desperatelywant to stop smoking and have tried many traditional options without success.

Recently Carolyn founded an innovative telehealth service - SmokerHealth. It is not only a national first, but quite possibly the first of its kind globally. SmokerHealth provides fully government subsidised telehealth specifically for smokers. It has one goal: to reduce smoking-related death and disease. SmokerHealth telehealth provides smokers with lung imaging and management of respiratory and cardiac smoking-related conditions. It will assist thousands of smokers regardless of location or income, notably those who have difficulties accessing affordable and regular medical care.

Beaumont has appeared in national newspapers and radio, co-authored academic articles, and is a regular contributor to national and international tobacco harm reduction forums and conferences. Her educational activities are significant. Carolyn is currently contributing to another Australian first - a tobacco harm reduction course for trainee general practitioners. She developed a secondary school program about black-market vaping in 2022. She also partners with national pharmacies and selected vape manufacturers to ensure Australian supply of only the highest-grade vapes to smokers.

Beaumont has GP fellowship and holds a Doctor of Medicine degree, a postgraduate Diploma of Child Health, a postgraduate Diploma of Education, was dux of her Bachelor of Medical Science degree, and received first class honours in her Bachelor of Music degree. She had a previous “second life” as a pianist and teacher before embarking on medical studies in her late 30s.