Pre-Conference Networking

As a global conference that brings people together from countries around the world, a key focus every year for the GTNF is the fostering of dialogue and discussion, and promoting the exchange of ideas. It’s at the heart of this year’s agenda, as we seek to not only change the conversation, but change the outcome.

Our three-day programme serves as an anchor for this conversation, with stakeholders from civil society and industry speaking to the key issues – the challenges and the opportunities – facing the tobacco and nicotine sector. As ever, our host country offers a backdrop for these discussions, providing a rich tableaux with which we can celebrate the diversity of our delegates and deepen our cultural understandings.

Our conversation doesn’t just take place on the conference floor: we recognise the importance of different environments in bringing people together. That’s why, in Seoul and as in previous years, ahead of the official start of GTNF, we will be offering the opportunity for you to examine South Korea’s past and its present, and to learn more about the country so graciously hosting us in 2023.

We invite you to develop your professional network in a smaller, more intimate setting, and experience the customs and the culture of South Korea. Along the way, we’ll be expanding the dialogue and discussion that is at the heart of every GTNF, covering more topics than we have chance to at the conference itself, despite a busy and exciting agenda as always. Join us, as we look to shape the future together.