GTNF Adviser

Michiel Reerink

Michiel Reerink is Alliance One International’s (AOI) international affairs director and managing director of Alliance One International GmbH, based at the company’s Switzerland office. Reerink directs AOI’s international corporate affairs, represents AOI with governments, legislators, nongovernmental organizations, industry organizations and other trade associations and provides outreach to share the company’s views and positions with the wider public. Reerink started his career in the tobacco industry in 1996 at the association of Dutch fine-cut tobacco manufacturers in The Hague, representing its members’ interests with Dutch and European legislators and politicians. He then joined Imperial Tobacco in 2001, working across a range of corporate affairs and anti-illicit trade roles nationally and regionally as well as at Imperial’s Bristol head office. In 2004, he established and subsequently managed Imperial’s EU affairs office in Brussels. Prior to joining AOI in 2020, Reerink worked at Japan Tobacco International from 2010 leading the global regulatory strategy department at the company’s Geneva headquarters where he established and executed comprehensive strategies to address emerging regulatory and corporate affairs issues worldwide. Reerink received a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics and a master’s degree in Dutch law. He has lived and worked in the Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Germany, U.K. and Switzerland.