GTNF Adviser

Bruno de Veyrac

Bruno de Veyrac is located in France and leads the reconstituted tobacco and reduced-risk product (RRP) activities at SWM International. He started his career in tobacco leaf in 1989 with the former French cigarette monopoly SEITA, where he had various responsibilities in purchasing, blending, processing and trading. De Veyrac joined SWM in 2001 and assumed various commercial and business positions within reconstituted tobacco. In 2017, he launched the RRP division dedicated to R&D, quality, manufacturing best practices, marketing and sales to adapt to the evolving consumer and regulatory needs within the tobacco sector. His team supports the tobacco industry in collaboration with the Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco, the International Organization for Standardization and the Association Francaise de Normalisation. As member of the European Federation of Tobacco Processors Board, de Veyrac brings his expertise in anti-illicit trade, excise tax, customs and the Tobacco Products Directive to the raw tobacco supply chain group. He has a master’s degree in agronomy and has worked in Brazil, Poland and France while developing an international professional network on all continents.