Tim Andrews

Director of Consumer Issues
Americans for Tax Reform and the Tholos Foundation

Tim Andrews is the director of consumer issues at Americans for Tax Reform and the Tholos Foundation. Prior to moving to the United States, he was the president of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and the founder of the Australian “Legalize Vaping” campaign. A graduate of the University of Sydney with degrees in economics and law and a Masters of Public Policy degree, he has been published throughout the United States and Australia. In 2022, he ran the “We Vape We Vote” bus tour throughout the United States. 

Andrews became passionate about harm reduction after meeting people in Australia who quit smoking through vaping, and he saw just how much their lives were transformed as a result of the improvements in health they experienced. He strongly believes that governments supporting harm reduction is a moral imperative and that innovation in this field has the potential to save more lives than any medical invention since the discovery of penicillin. In September 2023, he oversaw the publication of the Tholos Foundation research paper “Safer Nicotine Works: The Cases of Japan and Sweden" by Yuya Watase, President of the Pacific Alliance Institute, and Anders Ydstedt, Chairman of the Svensk Tidskrift.”

He remains a board member of the Australian HR Nicholls Society and is on the board of advisors to the U.K. TaxPayers’ Alliance. 


Seoul, September 2023