Pieter Vorster

Managing Director
Idwala Research

Pieter Vorster is managing director of Idwala Research, a provider of research and advisory services aimed at accelerating tobacco transformation and harm reduction. Before starting Idwala, he spent 30 years as an investment analyst with global investment banks and fund managers, including Credit Suisse and UBS, with coverage of the tobacco sector spanning over 20 years.

Vorster specializes in tobacco harm reduction and transformation and served on the Technical Committee of the 2022 Tobacco Transformation Index. He recently published a series of in-depth reports and analysis tools to help investors and companies easily interrogate and digest the underlying data of the index.

A current Idwala project, “A Blueprint for Global RRP Waste Management,” entails the development of a Waste Management Protocol for Reduced-Risk Tobacco and Nicotine Products in the U.K. This vital project is being funded by a grant from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World.