Patrick Basham

The Democracy Institute

Patrick Basham is the creator and developer of a new harm reduction app that educates consumers about reduced-risk tobacco and nicotine products, thereby empowering them to make better, less harmful choices between e-cigarettes, heated-tobacco products, oral smokeless tobacco, and combustible cigarettes. This innovative app utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to ensure the fullest processing and presentation of the most pertinent health and privacy-protected consumer data.

The author of several books on tobacco regulation, his latest report catalogues tobacco harm reduction progress around the world. His 2020 report on the World Health Organization’s mismanagement of Covid-19 was the catalyst for the Democracy Institute’s current campaign to create a rival global institution to the WHO. His 2019 report on e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products provided lessons for Asian regulators from the policymaking experience in Western democracies. Basham directs the Democracy Institute, a politically independent think tank based in Washington, D.C., and London. He was previously a CATO Institute senior fellow and taught tobacco regulation at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to CATO, he led tobacco policy research at Canada’s Fraser Institute.


A top pollster, Basham conducts the monthly Democracy Institute/Express U.S. poll on American politics for the U.K.’s Express newspapers.In 2016, he was the only pollster to predict both Brexit and Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory; in 2020, his monthly American presidential survey for the Sunday Express newspaper was among the three most accurate polls. Basham is also a campaign strategist and has advised companies,candidates, political parties, and governments across North America, Europe,Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. A veteran commentator, he appears regularly on British, American, and Asian media. He has written articles for the world’s leading newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Sunday Telegraph, Forbes, the Spectator, and the Australian. A best-selling author, his prescient 2018 e-book forecast the recent cryptocurrency boom and provided governments with a framework to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Seoul, September 2023