Julian Cheung

Anti-Illicit Trade Operations Director for the Asia-Pacific Region

Julian Cheung joined the anti-illicit trade operations of JT International (Asia-Pacific) Ltd. in February 2012, based in the Hong Kong regional office. In this role, Cheung is required to protect JTI markets and brands from the illegal trade in tobacco products, thereby protecting JTI’s reputation, customers, and society in general. To stem illegal production, prevent diversion of genuine JTI brands, counterfeit of JTI trademarks, and proliferation of illicit whites or any other illegal tobacco products globally, Cheung proactively liaises with governments, international organizations, and law enforcement agencies regarding criminal and civili investigations into illegal tobacco across international borders. Cheung is currently overseeing 14 markets in the region, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Asia-Pacific markets, supporting all regional market management teams’ targets to protect business profitability and supply chain.    

Before joining JTI, Cheung was an investigative officer of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in Hong Kong to investigate corruption complaints and related crimes.

Cheung has a Master’s degree in criminology from the University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Economics and Management degree from the University of London.