James Murphy

Director of Research and Science

James Murphy was appointed management board director of research and science for BAT in March 2023. He joined the BAT Group in 2005 and throughout his career has held a variety of roles in R&D, scientific & regulatory affairs, marketing futures, Nicoventures and in the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Prior to his current role, Murphy was the executive vice president for R&D and scientific and regulatory affairs within the Reynolds American group, having previously served as the BAT Group’s head of potentially reduced risk product (PRRP) science until November 2020. He also served as the product development lead for the first Vype vapor launches in 2013/14. As the BAT Group’s head of reduced risk substantiation, Murphy created and published the BAT Group’s multi-disciplinary scientific assessment of glo, Vype, Vuse and Velo to access their relative risk profiles.

Murphy has been one of the lead representatives for the BAT Group’s global science engagement with the media, regulators and the external scientific community.