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Grant Churchill

Grant Churchill is a professor of chemical pharmacology at the University of Oxford and head of medicine at New College Oxford. He is interested in how drugs get into the body and elicit their effects. He delights in teaching this material, particularly on nicotine, to students studying medicine and chemistry and has been awarded ‘Most Acclaimed Lecturer’ in the Medical Sciences Division.
His academic research is in drug discovery, and he has published over one hundred journal articles. He derives deep satisfaction from applying creative and unconventional approaches to develop drugs from identification through to clinical trials for neurological and psychiatric disorders.
He is also a founding scientist with the biotech IntraBio that has an innovative pipeline of drugs from early to late stage for rare and common neurological disorders. He obtained a BSA and MSc from the University of Saskatchewan, and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University Minnesota. He then moved to the University of Oxford and can’t seem to leave.

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Seoul, September 2023