David Maddox

Political Editor
Express Online

David Maddox graduated in divinity from St. Andrews University, but instead of entering the priesthood, he decided to become a journalist. He has been a journalist for 23 years, first in local and regional press but latterly with The Scotsman and Daily Express. Maddox spent three years working in the Scottish Parliament before joining the lobby in the U.K. Parliament in 2010 with The Scotsman. He joined the Express in 2015 and became political editor of the Sunday Express in 2018. Last year, Maddox became political editor of the Express online to help develop the brand’s digital content.

Maddox has covered many major events, including the Scottish independence and EU referendums in the U.K. followed by the Brexit talks. He is also responsible for U.S. political coverage at the Express with the launch of a new Express website in North America. Maddox has won national awards for his journalism and campaigns during his career.