Christopher Russell

Psychologist and director of RBRC
Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy

Christopher Russell, Ph.D., is a psychologist and director of Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Ltd. (RBRC), Glasgow, United Kingdom. In his role, Russell leads the design, conduct, and reporting of perception and behavioral research studies of reduced-risk tobacco and nicotine products, including e-cigarettes/vaping products, heated-tobacco products, and modern oral tobacco products. Premarket and post-market studies are designed to yield a range of cross-sectional, experimental, and real-world observational data and information, including but not limited to: the likelihood that tobacco users and non-users will initiate and adopt use of a new product in addition to, in place of, or instead of other, potentially more harmful tobacco/nicotineproducts; how adult consumers actually use a new product in their everyday lives in real-world settings; how cigarette smoking behavior changes following adoption of a new product (e.g., product switching, dual use, use reduction, cessation); behavioral intentions, appeal, risk perceptions, and subjective effects of a new product; and consumer understanding of product labels,labeling, and marketing materials. These sources of evidence can aid evaluations of the potential impact of marketing a new tobacco/nicotine product on future tobacco use behavior and population health.