Ana Krasojevic

Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Reporting Director

Ana Krasojevic is a senior sustainability professional with holistic experience in sustainability management and integration of sustainability with business processes. Krasojevic has led corporate-wide sustainability and risk management initiatives, including setting up the enterprise risk management process, identifying sustainability priorities, building sustainability governance, and integrating reporting requirements.

Krasojevic’s background is in international relations and development; she joined JTI in 2012 following her experience in peacebuilding. She started her career at the JTI Foundation managing disaster relief and risk reduction programs. She then moved on to integrating a reporting system for community investment initiatives at the corporate and group levels in Japan. Krasojevic has been part of the transformation of sustainability from a voluntary initiative to a key strategic input, witnessing how sustainability shaped corporate practices within the tobacco industry and beyond. Krasojevic holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.