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Lea Scott

vice president of agronomy services at Universal Leaf Tobacco Co

Lea Scott is the vice president of agronomy services for Universal Leaf Tobacco Co., based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Scott coordinates Universal’s worldwide agronomic programs and addresses agro-science issues. Going into his 25th year of employment with Universal, Scott has had the opportunity to see tobacco production on six continents.

Scott has been an active member of Coresta for 23 years, including 17 years on the scientific commission, and in 2018, he was elected president of the scientific commission.

He has served as coordinator of the good agricultural practices task force and agronomy leader on the sustainability task force. He has also been involved in the content development and editing of several Coresta guides. Scott is the vice-chairman of Coresta’s agrochemical advisory committee.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agronomy with a minor in agricultural business management from North Carolina State University, and he completed the executive program at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.