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Eduardo Berea

vice president of sales at Mother Murphy’s Labs and vice president of business development at Alternative Ingredients Inc.

Eduardo Berea was born in Mexico City. He has a degree in Agricultural Engineering and studies in biotechnology and marketing. During his working career, Eduardo spent 15 years working in R&D in the chemical and food industry before starting in the flavor industry in 1999. He spent 6 years working for Mane de Mexico as Sales Manager for Food and Beverage flavors and as Coordinator of the Tobacco Business Unit for Latin America. In 2005, he joined Mother Murphy’s Laboratories and moved to the USA in 2006. Since then he has been responsible for International Sales of Food and Beverage flavors and for the Tobacco Division. In 2014 Alternative Ingredients was established as a subsidiary company. He currently is VP of Sales within MML and VP of Business Development for AI. He also represents Alternative Ingredients in the Board of CORESTA.