Copy of Chris Snowdon

Chris Snowdon

director of the Lifestyle Economics unit at the Institute of Economic Affairs

Christopher Snowdon is the head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs. His research focuses on lifestyle freedoms, prohibition and policy-based evidence. He is a regular contributor to Spectator Health, Cap-X and Spiked, and he often appears on TV and radio discussing social and economic issues.

Snowdon’s work encompasses a diverse range of topics including sin taxes, state funding of charities, happiness economics, public health regulation, gambling and the black market.

He is the editor of the Nanny State Index and the author of five books: Killjoys (2017), Selfishness, Greed and Capitalism (2015), The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition Since 1800 (2011), The Spirit Level Delusion (2010) and Velvet Glove, Iron Fist (2009).

Snowdon has also written more than a dozen reports for the Institute of Economic Affairs, including Drinking, Fast and Slow,” “The Proof of the Pudding: Denmark’s Fat Tax Fiasco,” “Cheap as Chips,” “Closing Time: Who’s Killing the British Pub?” and “Sock Puppets.”